Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls White

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Titleist DT TruSoft has been redesigned with a new core and a new cover delivering longer distance on all shots. It’s the softest feeling Titleist and provides superior distance through low spin on long shots and increased short game spin for stopping power on the green. In order to achieve softer feel, some golf balls sacrifice distance and short game performance. At Titleist, R&D specifically designed DT TruSoft to be soft and, just as important, provide best in class performance for your game. Available in white and high optic yellow. 

Player Benefits 

• The Softest Compression Titleist
• Longer Distance through Low Long Game Spin 
• Improved Short Game Performance for Stopping Power 
• Trusted Quality and Consistency 

DT TruSoft Technology 

• Low Compression TruTouch Core 
• Proprietary Titleist TruFlex Cover 
• Spherically-Tiled 376 Tetrahedral Dimple Design